Job title Location Contract Rotation Job ref.
Job title Location Contract Rotation Job ref.
Buyer Milano 12 months NA ETS8048
Site Manager Italy permanent na ETS842
Project Manager Italy permanent na ETS841
Grid Connection Manager Italy permanent na ETS840
Site QAQC Manager Nord Italia TBD NA ETS8034
Material Handling Supervisor Nigeria 6 mionths 75/21 ETS8023
Stock Management Officer Basilicata 12 months N/A ETS7994
Project Planer Milano and Smart working 6 mesi + N/A ETS7931
Lead Technical Advisor Germania 12 mesi 90/15 ETS7948
Commissioning Engineer Lombardia e trasferte Italia Tempo indeterminato Resident ETS7999
Maintenance Superintendent Corleto Perticara (PZ) Tempo determinato Resident ETS7991

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